The Treadmill gives you unlimited running distance and time right in your home. Improve your heart function, lose weight, strengthen your leg muscles and build endurance with this automatic treadmill. The clear display gives you feedback on your performance.

Total Gym Fit

Total Gym Fit gives you the benefits of up to four gym equipment in one. Exercise your upper body, lower body and core.Great for fitness routines including ROWING, PUSH UPS, AB CURLS, SIT UPS and ARM DIPS.

Multi-functional Twist Stepper

3-in-1 twist machine that helps you lose excess fat in the waist and hips. Achieve well-toned stomach muscles with the  multi-functional Twist Stepper. Enjoy three major workout routines and their advantages in one machine – stepping, twisting and dumbbell workouts with this versatile equipment.

Sit Up Bench with Rope Dumbbel

The Sit Up Bench with Rope Dumbbell is a 5-in-1 body fitness machine. Build abs, burn stomach fat, build leg muscles and tone your biceps and triceps  with this versatile gym equipment. It includes dumbbells that are just the right weight to strengthen your arms and keep you in shape.